Our Approach

We are jointly developing solutions that are focussed on the client’s local, distinct environment rather than what might have worked elsewhere. We encourage and facilitate networks to enable clients to exchange best practice where this could provide added value.

Where required, we will bring together a team of experts that can complement each other and bring in local expertise.

How we work

We are committed to enabling Higher Education institutions to foster transformative research and innovation and enhance student learning. We believe that outstanding Higher Education and research excellence is paramount for a sustainable environment and social change.

Our client driven approach is building on facilitation and co-creation rather than pure advisory work. In close partnership we clearly define goals, outcomes and priorities to shape the project to the client’s needs.

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During the project we pay attention to the local environment and work closely with all relevant stakeholders. We provide a platform for discussion and participatory work and listen and facilitate with an open mind. While we provide a clear structure in the process, we allow space for exploring ideas and opportunities. By doing so we avoid foregone conclusions and allow innovative, client focussed solutions to emerge.

By working as equitable partners with our clients we encourage ownership of solutions and their implementation and empower local stakeholders to own the change management process. At the same time we provide guidance and support to ensure change processes are sustainable.

Our portfolio includes one-off short-term projects as well as supporting long-term processes, both onsite or virtually. We work closely with local experts or partner organisations to tailor expertise to client needs.

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